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2014/04/26 Maurice Steger Plays Feige

2014/04/26 Maurice Steger Plays Feige

Praised as the “Paganini of the recorder,” Maurice Steger began his music career in his student years. He has collaborated with various virtuosos, and given performances at the Berliner Philhar monie and other world-famous concert halls. One of Stege......Full Text

2014/05/17 Yangqin Gala Concert

2014/05/17  Yangqin Gala Concert

The large yangqin that the modern Chinese Orchestras employ is a product of only a few decades, while there are already many virtuosos in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Pieces for yangqin, methods for yangqin and its techniques continue to be discovere......Full Text

2014/05/25 Fuchun Mountains

2014/05/25  Fuchun Mountains

Dwelling In The Fuchun Mountains is a remarkable artwork of painter Huang Gong-Wang, one of the “Four Masters of the Yuan Dynasty.” Completed in the late years of the painter, this landscape painting has become a monumental masterpiece in the ......Full Text